Monday, May 18, 2009

Block Kids Music

About Block♫Kids™

Block Kids is a team of five producers/songwriters founded by Danny D The Rockstar,Skillz McFly,and Lux.
The team is made up of Danny D The Rockstar, Skillz McFly, (V)ARKN(V), Lux, and Jordani.

We've been producing for years now, going through many different phases, genre changes, and sound changes with our production.

Until now after creating the Block Kids we've developed our own unique sound which consist of so many different genres we've decided the only category we fall under is a genre called "good music" because the way we look at it, there is only two types of music "good music" and "bad music".

We are all young and have a bright future in music ahead of us.We all met in the year of 3084 and were sent back in time to change the sound of music and cant return home to our families 'til our mission is completed.

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Little About Straycat Promotions

The mission of Straycat Promotions is :

To help some of today's best up and coming artists of all genres claw their way to the top of their personal definition of success.

Know that all support is welcome and deeply appreciated and know that your support will never be taken for granted and again we at Straycat Promotions believe you the people have the biggest role in watching your favorite up and coming artist "Claw Their Way To The Top!!"

So please come thru and check us out.